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Creating Success in Money and Life


During this 60-minute video training (a $49.95 value), you’ll learn how to use the following Success Principles…

  • SP #3: Decide What You Want – How to get clear about what you want in all areas concerning money. As soon as you set specific goals, considerations, fears, roadblocks are going to emerge. Learn how to handle them.
  • SP # 56: Develop a Positive Money Consciousness – Financial success starts in your mind. Early childhood programming creates a certain predisposition for the way you think about money. To obtain success in money, you’ll need to learn how to replace your beliefs about money.
  • Money and Spirituality – Is it okay to be wealthy?
  • SP #57 : You Get What You Focus On – Most people are unconscious when it comes to their money. You must decide to be wealthy and decide what wealthy means to you. It’s time to get clear about where you are, where your going and what’s required to get there.
  • SP # 58: Pay Yourself First – How to make saving and investing a priority.
  • SP# 59: Master the Spending Game – Take these important steps to become debt free and control your cash flow.
  • SP # 60: To Spend More, First Make More – Making more money means you can both invest more to grow your net worth, and gain more time to do the things you love. To become a successful entrepreneur and/or increase your positive cash flow you need to use these 5 key Success Principles.
  • SP #40 Redefine Time – How the most successful people create superior results yet still maintain balance among work, family and recreation using this powerful system.
  • SP #61: Give More to Get More – Learn about how when you engage others in your success, more work gets done, greater success is achieved, and ultimately everyone benefits more.
  • SP #62: Find a Way to Serve – Service always comes back multiplied. Learn how to create high levels of contentment and satisfaction when you practice living this principle