Here’s what students, graduates, and clients have to say about Jack Canfield  and his work

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“I wanted to let you know how much of a positive impact you have had on my life in the areas of success and fulfillment. Through your books, audios, and seminars, you have triggered tremendous shifts that have allowed me to ignite my potential and not only live on purpose but share your wisdom and strategies with others to help them do the same. Thank you!”
-Machen MacDonald

“After having purchased the books Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Success Principles and having listened to The Aladdin Factor audio book, I have been inspired to achieve my weight-loss goals, lead a more positive and fulfilling life and write my very own book telling my story! I am eternally grateful to Jack Canfield’s priceless lessons and for having taught me that I have the power to shape my future!”
-Leticia Gabbi

“Thanks so much for inspiring me. Wow, what a message! Authentic, empowering, insightful, life-changing. Thanks for modeling success, achievement, and working smart. You do this with more than words; your life literally screams these truths. Keep walking the talk!”
-Kent Julian

“Jack is definitely the master of success from I have witnessed taking part in the 10 day transformation challenge. He has changed my view of success for life. It’s just so POWERFUL! The principals of setting goals, visualizing what I want, taking 100% responsibility for my own life, taking account of previous successes and getting rid of blame are incredibly yielding moving on to a more fulfilling life. The principals are a game changer.”
-Chris Lindsay

“I deeply respect you and all the work you do for the world.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do for us, for being such a great inspiring teacher, for all your love, and for the message you convey to the world. Also, thank you so much for all your incredible advice which I use, and that has brought dramatic change to my life and the lives of many others. You are changing not only the life’s of many American people, you are changing our planet and I’m so proud to know you. You are the one of the greatest mentors in the world.”

“I still play The Success Principles in my car during “drive-time university.” In three short years, I went from the edge of bankruptcy to owning a seven-person real estate company producing in the top two percent of all agents in Arizona. I built a respected real estate law firm and have now partnered in a land acquisition and development company. The foundation of my success is directly traced to the lessons I’ve learned from this book”
-Jason Wells, Tempe, Arizona

“When I immigrated to Germany five years ago, I was living on 500 euros a month, afraid of the future. I found The Success Principles in one of the houses where I worked as a babysitter—and within two months of starting to follow the principles, I got a job as a consultant that paid two hundred euros per day—or 4,000 euros per month. A year later, wanting to pursue my Ph.D., I got a scholarship to attend university that 200 other students had applied for.”
-Maria Fernanda Valdes, Berlin, Deutschland, Germany

“Jack has returned my self-esteem and courage to pursue my dreams. Today, I am financially independent and own a company that helps people design their lives. I do seminars with thought leaders to audiences of 800 to 1,000 people. I am well respected in my community and PTA president at my son’s school. All of this was possible because Jack gave me back what I had lost: MY POWER.”
-Puja Gupta, Chennai, India

“When you speak, it seems you are speaking right to the individual.  Your ability to engage each person with your exercises and bringing people on stage is brilliant.”
–President at Parker University & Seminars

“Hearing your message in person is powerful and enjoyable.  But it’s during the days, weeks and months after your visit that our organization, and I personally, experienced the real power of your ideas – by applying the concepts on a daily basis we’re reaping the rewards.”
– President of RE/MAX International

“As a Marine Veteran of the war in Iraq and an adventurer that has explored some of the most hostile environments on the planet, I thought I had a very strong level of self confidence and ability to control my own destiny. At Jack Canfield’s BTS, I discovered that I had so much more to learn. You may feel like your life is on track and you have everything you want, as I did, but here you will learn new tools and strategies to further accelerate your growth. BTS will continue to expand on the infinite possibilities available to you in life.”
– Akshay Nanavati, Founder,
Existing2Living and Amara Adventures

“Being part of Jack Canfield’s Train The Trainer program has added great value to me and my business. As a trainer, I have extended my curriculum with numerous teaching points, stories and exercises. Through applying these in live seminars between the training modules I have experienced how well they integrate with and add value to my curriculum, hence increase my value as a trainer, coach and mentor to my clients. As a result, this has lead to highly satisfied clients and more business!”
-Oddmund Berger, International Business Consultant,
Moss, Norway

“The Jack Canfield Train the Trainer programme provides an excellent environment in which to become an exceptional trainer. Not only are you being trained by the best, the training provides a winning combination of fabulous content, case studies, exercises and fun to keep you constantly engaged. It’s transformational both personally and professionally and is a must do for anyone seeking to be an exceptional in their chosen field.”
– Lynn Stent, Performance Coach & Trainer at
Elite Mindset Ltd, London, United Kingdom