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Master the 5 Core Competencies (and everything in between) for Effectively Leading a Success Principles Experience Online

8-Week Online Bootcamp Starting January 2021

with Jack Canfield & Kathleen Seeley

(Only 11 spots remain, register ASAP!)

Leverage The Success Principles and Break Into the Digital Economy as a Confident Online Workshop Leader


Does it feel as if your coaching/training business and your life is on pause? Have the current circumstances made it a challenge to live out your passion and mission to transform people's lives?

Don't let the pandemic stop you ‒ let it inspire you!

As a Canfield Trainer, you are in a unique position to guide people away from fear and towards success, on their own terms, However, how we do that is changing. The world has become digitally dominant and we’re here to help you pivot to the world of online training.

For the past 6 months, we've been transitioning our trainings to be exclusively 100% online.  We called on Senior Trainer, Kathleen Seeley, to help with this process and it exceeded our expectations!   In fact, we've identified core skills and competencies essential for facilitating transformational experiences online and knew it was vital to share this with our Canfield Trainer Community.

The Skills Bootcamp for Virtual Training Certification will get you from where you are today to feeling more confident and competent in teaching The Success Principles Online in just 8 weeks! That's our commitment to you.

We invite you to join Jack Canfield, Kathleen Seeley, and his Advanced Training Team for a live, small group interactive training workshop to practice, sharpen, and develop the skills of teaching the Success Principles to others and delivering it in a live, online virtual setting. 

Only 40 students can be accepted, class starts January 14th!
(Bonus Sessions begin December 3rd)

The Virtual Training Skills Certification Develops Your Competence in 3 Key Areas:


Confidence doesn’t spring out of anywhere. Self-esteem is created by surviving a risk. It's acquired by taking action, receiving feedback, and progress over time. That's why the Bootcamp is designed to build your confidence and gain valuable experience by practicing amongst your peers with experienced mentors at your side for real-time feedback.

BUILDING YOUR competence

You are being called to do things you may have never done before to adapt to the new normal and that means you need resources, training, and practice using the tools of the trade! As part of the Bootcamp you will gain valuable knowledge and experience working with tools, such as Zoom, to ensure you are able to master the technical aspects of online training. 


The power of your community is the secret sauce for ongoing success. The Bootcamp is limited to 40 participants to ensure a strong group bond. You will learn together, grow together, practice together, and who knows, perhaps even work together!


Master these 5 Core Competencies for Creating Effective Online Experiences:


You'll become fluent in teaching 8 core Success Principles; integrating personal stories, social proof, and experiential exercises for creating a powerful learning environment on digital platforms.


Develop your signature story to increase the impact of your teaching. Stories bring the Principles to life and using your own stories adds to your credibility as an effective trainer or speaker.

processing skills

Learn how to effectively move your participants through an emotional experience and bring it to a resolution. This action is essential to ensuring your participants experience the lasting change they seek.

training design

We'll give you additional new tools specifically designed to teach transformational experiences that effectively move your clients from insight into to action. These new training designs range from 15 minutes, to multi-session experiences.

teaching online

Now more than ever, you need the competence to deliver training on digital platforms. Get the technical training, practice and experience using important tools such as Zoom to competently deliver online experiences.

"The Bootcamp has taken what I already know to be deeply transformative work to a whole new level. It was incredible to hone our training skills and witness the growth through the connection, safe space, and feedback from participants."

Certified Canfield Trainer, 2014

"The students were raving afterward how much they enjoyed learning and working in this way, how useful the scripts were, how easy it was to practice with real people and get so much expert feedback. The experience was priceless!"

Certified Canfield Trainer, 2014

"I really appreciated the learning framework you set up during the Bootcamp. The scripts and scoring provided a way for me to stay on track, and the real-time feedback system gives us the ability to improve right on the spot!."

Train the Trainer Student, 2020


The Virtual Training Skills Bootcamp combines a blended learning model for maximum development

  • GROUP LEARNING: (maximum 40 participants): Core learning will be delivered to the full group.
  • SMALL GROUP BREAKOUTS: An important aspect of the bootcamp is the small group practice and feedback sessions. Getting into the smaller groups allows for the proper attention and learning to grow your skills, confidence and competence.
  • SELF PACED LEARNING: Aspects of the Bootcamp are best learned at your own pace. This may include worksheets, exercises or videos that will lay foundational knowledge that will allow us to go deeper when we convene on our virtual training days.
  • MASTERMINDING: Expanding your ideas with the help of others is fundamental for success. The bootcamp integrates the powerful success principle of Masterminding to leverage the power of your peers for their accountability, feedback, and brainstorming.
  • FEEDBACK:  Receive ongoing personal feedback on your presentation skills, storytellling skills, and processing skills.


This training is designed to build your confidence and maximize your ability for mastery

  • Life practice teaching the Core Success Principles in 15 and 30 minute blocks
  • Effective storytelling for impact and inspiration
  • Creating your elevator pitch to share what you do and how you do it!
  • How to design online experiences ranging from 15-minutes to comprehensive multi-session programs
  • Deep processing techniques designed to give you the skills to move your clients through emotional blocks, to resolution and inspired action
  • How to set up, facilitate and debrief experiential exercises online
  • How to set up and facilitate trainings on the Zoom platform

Current Participants Agree
This Bootcamp is GAME-CHANGING!

The first group of students are halfway through the program and are experiencing remarkable results thanks to the learning, mentorship, and community that makes the Skills Bootcamp for Virtual Training so unique.

Watch the video>>

If You're Ready to Have a Bigger Impact While Boosting Your Income Through Speaking and Training Online, Here's Your Chance!

The Virtual Teaching Skills Bootcamp is for You If:

This training is for YOU if..

  • You are a student or graduate of Train the Trainer 
  • You have a passion to transform people's lives but want to build your confidence to take bigger action
  • You’ve been successful with in-person work, but are unsure how to pivot to online offerings
  • You need an extra boost by having more accountability and community
  • You have not had opportunities to practice teaching and receiving feedback from your mentors and peers
  • You need help with designing effective online expereinces
  • The idea of using tech freaks you out!

This training is NOT for you if...

  • You are not serious about creating a thriving, coaching, or training business  
  • You do not have time to commit to the process 
  • You're not willing to help others in the program grow
  • You're not a fan of feedback or improvement
  • You've mastered the 5 core competicies

The Virtual Training Skills Bootcamp Dates:

8-Week Online Bootcamp Starting January 2021

with Jack Canfield & Kathleen Seeley

NOTE: All virtual live sessions are 8:30 am - 5:30 PM Pacific. Facilitated on ZOOM.
All non-breakout room content will be recorded and made available.

January 14, 15, and 16, 2021

All virtual live sessions are 8:30 am - 5:30 PM Pacific. Facilitated on ZOOM. 

A 3-DAY DEEP DIVE into studying and practicing the main 5 competencies for effective online learning. Includes live learning and skill building, group practice sessions, and individual feedback with Jack Canfield, Kathleen Seeley, and members of his Senior Training Team. 

  • Onboarding call January 11, 2021 9am-11am Pacific. So we can hit the ground running on day one, this pre-event call is designed go over the technology, make sure you know where the materials are, get situated with FB group, settle any nerves, and more.

All virtual live sessions are 8:30 am - 5:30 PM Pacific. Facilitated on ZOOM. 

JANUARY 28, 2021

  • Processing Skills part 1
  • Developing Your Signature Story part 1
  • Partner practice

FEBRUARY 5, 2021

  • Processing Skills part 2
  • Developing Your Signature Story part 2
  • Partner work and debrief

FEBRUARY 25, 2021

  • Workshop Design part 1
  • Practice principles, stories, and transitions
  • 30-minute presentations, group feedback
  • How to create a safe space

MARCH 11, 2021

  • Workshop Design part 2
  • Putting it all together
  • Developing your "Elevator Story"
  • How to maintain engagement
  • Next steps and final Q & A with Jack

You'll get into action immediately, utilizing enhanced materials, templates and resources created exclusively  for the Virtual Training Skills Certification!

  • Comprehensive scripts for Core Success Principles 
  • Detailed Faciliator Guides for multiple formats: 1 hour webinar or keynote, 3-hour workshop, or a multi-day expereince
  • Customizable PowerPoint decks

(Creating these done-for-you tools is an estimated 500 hours of work, even at 20$ hour, that's a $10,000 value!)


Having a support system of people who lift you up, and contribute your growth is one of the biggest keys to succcess.  Every two weeks, join us during optional "Monday Meet-Ups" with Kathleen for mastermind-style problem solving and support as you workshop your material

January 25, February 8,  and February 22, 2021

Final Meetup March 23, 2021


Jack Canfield
America's Pioneer In Self Esteem Training

Jack is a multiple New York Times bestselling author who has sold more than 500 million books in over 30 languages. He’s the originator of the billion-dollar Chicken Soup for the Soul™ book brand and is identified as one of the most influential leaders in personal growth and achievement alive today.


He began his career as a history teacher at an all-black high school in the inner city of Chicago. He quickly became more interested in how to motivate his students to believe in themselves—and their ability to learn and succeed in life—than he was in teaching history. After being mentored by W. Clement Stone, he became so successful he was soon asked to start training other teachers in self-esteem development and achievement, went on to self-publish his first book, and the rest is history.


Today, Jack’s goal is to prepare and equip the next generation of human-potential trainers who can serve in companies, social service settings, schools, special populations, and other organizations—bringing the principles of success and an attitude of achievement to people in all walks of life.

Kathleen Seeley
Founder, Massively Human Leadership

For the past 25 years, Kathleen has pushed aside the status quo in the leadership and culture corporate consulting space (both in person and virtual training experiences) with her thriving firm, Massively Human Leadership. As a highly celebrated speaker, trainer, and executive coach, her client list includes eBay, Siemens, TransCanada Pipelines, George Washington University, and many more.

Kathleen has expertise in designing training programs in both academic learning spaces and training certification programs for both online and in person training initiatives.  For the past 10 years she has been invaluable in the design and facilitation of the Train the Trainer program and is a frequent speaker at our our events. Kathleen has her own growing community of more than 150 coaches and consultants she has certified in the Barrett Analytic Tools.

She also maintains a thriving personal development brand with a specialization in online learning and growth experiences.


Kathleen has a master’s degree in Leadership and a master’s Certification in Values-Based Leadership. She is a Training Partner with the Barrett Values Centre, is Certified in The Human Element™ and a Certified Passion Test Facilitator™. She is a past Associate Faculty member in the School of Leadership, at Royal Roads University in Victoria British Columbia and currently an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University in Washington D.C. and a member of the SoCal Association of the Transformational Leadership Council.


She lives in British Columbia Canada, has 3 children, two cats and an Australian Labradoodle on the way.



The Advanced Training Team
Peer Support & Guidance

Alongside Jack and Kathleen is a trusted, hand selected group of accomplished speakers and trainer graduates from the Canfield Certified Trainer Community. These are the most incredible people you will ever meet, who also have unique insights and experience to support you in your journey to absolute confidence and competence.

Together our entire training team will give you a powerful learning environment with incredible people and resources you need to take your business to a whole new level.

Patty Aubery
Mentor & Coach

Patty Aubery is President of The Canfield Training Group and has been along side Jack Canfield for over 25 years, helping him build a multi-million dollar enterprise that has taken him from an emerging self-esteem expert, to a world-renowned public figure, and America’s #1 Success Coach.

As the chief negotiator, rainmaker, developer, manager and champion of Jack’s career and companies, there’s barely a project, idea, opportunity, market or career move that Patty hasn’t seen, experienced, or personally developed.  She’s also a multiple best-selling author, media professional, executive mom, and world traveler. 

What Could Your Future Look Like After Working with Jack Canfield and His Senior Team?

Not only will you be personally transformed by your time in this small-group online intensive,
your skills and abilities will undergo a dramatic shift as well.  By adding online learning techniques, presentation skills, and effective group facilitation to your professional skill set, you'll be able to work with countless types of groups in effecting change in the workplace, in schools, in special populations, in your coaching and counseling work, in your own company, and more.

Only 40 11 MORE Can Participate

It's Time to Level Up Your Skills and Create the Business of Your Dreams

The Virtual Training Bootcamp is strictly limited in order to assure every participant can receive personal attention, and be fully prepared to meet the certification standards.

We invite you to further develop your training skills, and transform your career by learning how to confidently and effectively lead transformational online experiences for your clients.

As with all our trainings, it's designed to build more than just your skills... it's an opportunity for you to be totally immersed in the work, build life-long relationships, get personalized feedback, and be held accountable for living the Success Principles in your own life just as you'll be teaching and supporting your students to do.

Patty Aubery, Jack Canfield, and Kathleen Seeley


Enroll by Now and Get These Bonuses Valued at $1,800

Bonus 1
Your First 1,000 Subscribers [Guide & Toolkit]

Looking to build your list with your first (or next) 1,000 subscribers? This exclusive bonus gives you the steps and ability to generate leads who need your services - and how to turn those leads into customers who give your business the potential to thrive.

$1,000 value

Bonus 2
Group Dynamics Masterclass with Kathleen Seeley

Discover how to work with groups more effectively, take charge of any training situation, rapidily extablish group cohesion, and create a "safe space", and powerful learning environment for eveyone of your participants to learn and grow.  
$500 value

Bonus 3
3 Refesher Sessions on the Core Success Principles

As an added bonus, join us for a series of 3 review sessions for a deep dive into the primary Success Principles. Review sessions dates are: December 3, December 17, and January 7th. 

All sessions via Zoom 9-11am Pacific.
  $300 value

Bonus Refresher Sessions Start December 3rd, 2020

VIRTUAL TRAINING Skills Bootcamp Includes:

  • Small-Group Training with Jack Canfield, max 40 people
  • 3-Day Bootcamp January 14, 15, and 16, 2021 
  • 4 Development Days for ongoing practice and growth: January 28, February 5, February 25, and March 11, 2021.
  • Built-In Accountability Team for support in your progress
  • Bi-Weekly Monday Meet-Ups with Kathleen for mastermind-style problem solving and support as you workshop your material
  • Private Facebook Group with Contests, Giveaways, and More
  • NEW Bundle of Comprehensive Training Tools including new Success Principles scripts, detailed facilitator guides for multiple formats, and customizable slides created exclusively for this Virtual Bootcamp Training.
  • Certificate of Completion from The Canfield Training Group

Regularly $4,997 | INTRODUCTORY PRICE


or 4 monthly payments of $1,060

Have questions before applying?   
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