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Jack Canfield's
Train the Trainer Advanced
Certification Program

September 10, 2020 - April 2021

Developing the Next Generation of Human Potential Trainers

* Limited to 60 people for the 2020 class

📢 Class Begins September 10, 2020 |  ENROLLMENT CLOSED

Get Personally Trained by America’s Pioneer in Human Potential Training and Take Your Impact and Leadership to the Next Level

Join Jack Canfield for a Small-Group Skill Development & Mentorship Program
 2 Levels of Certification | World-Class Results

TRAIN THE TRAINER ADVANCED is an extraordinary career development program that has launched hundreds of professionals in the human potential field over the last 10 years.

Whether you're a seasoned trainer, speaker or coach - or simply starting out, Jack Canfield's training methodology will transform both you and your audiences!  These speaking and training strategies have been developed over his 40-year career as one of the world’s most foremost experts in human potential today.

And now he wants to teach you everything he knows in an advanced, interactive, small-group setting, where he will personally and carefully train and provide you with the skills and resources you need to become a high-quality, dynamic, and world-class human potential trainer!

Your Invitation to Join Me in My Global Mission

I’m looking to take my international family of success trainers, coaching professionals, leaders, and teachers to the next level  - and recruiting those who want to step up and join me my global mission of creating a world that works for everyone.  

Only 15 more can be accepted before class starts September 10th!

Master Teaching Key Principles from Jack's International Bestselling Success Classic

Now published in over 26 languages, The Success Principles documents 67 proven principles used by top achievers to excel in business, finances, relationships, careers, and more.

These principles are the basis for the work Jack Canfield brought to stadiums of 50,000+ to their feet, cheering his message of The Success  Principles — inspiring seminar participants, coaching clients, and students around the globe to achieve greater success in everything they do by taking on greater challenges, up-leveling their efforts, strategic alliances, relationships, attitudes, behaviors, and more.

The personal transformation is simply amazing!

As one of the world’s leading human-potential experts, Jack’s now trains and certifies others to teach his content and use his methodology all over the world—bringing the principles of success, and an attitude of achievement to people in all walks of life.

The Canfield Methodology™ Teaches You to Work with The Whole Person

The Canfield Methodology™ uses a holistic training model for delivering maximum impact by speaking to all 7 dimensions of a person’s being.

This industry-leading formula has built Jack’s international career and taken him to many of the most prestigious stages in the world.

By incorporating the mind, body, emotions, imagination, intuition, awareness, and the high-self, you’re allowing the student to accomplish deeper awareness and lasting transformation.

You will become fully immersed in learning the details of how to set up powerful, experiential exercises — Jack will be sharing the theory behind each strategy, revealing why it works, when to use it, and recommending ways to make each topic more impactful. Then, he'll go one step further and actually walk you through how to conduct these transformational exercises on your own.

Learn the Principles and Theory of:
  • Experiential Learning
  • Group Dynamics and Observation
  • Workshop Structure and Design
  • Presentation Skills and Drills
  • Effective Processing Skills
  • Coaching for Success
Get Certified in The Success Principles & Canfield Methodology to Confidently Deliver:
  • Online Sessions and Virtual Learning
  • Inspiring Keynotes and Seminars
  • Powerful Experiential Workshops
  • Multi-Day Experiences

"Jack's teaching is highly effective."

world-renowned leadership and management expert

"The results you'll achieve will be extraordinary."


world authority on leadership psychology

"Jack's been inspiring people to live their best life by embracing our highest vision for decades."


Our Advanced Training Program is a comprehensive training delivered via a combiniation of Digital Learning, Online Group Instruction, Interactive Virtual Workshops, and In-Person Instruction that will teach you how to:
  • Master teaching Jack's proven methodology and curriculum for shifting mindsets and creating profound transformation in others
  • Become a magnetic storyteller – not only with your words but your body language and presence
  • Manage the energy of your audience and transition from topic to topic in a way that keeps people actively engaged and participating in their transformation
  • Create safe spaces in which people feel comfortable opening up and being completely vulnerable
  • Inspire people to aim higher, achieve more, and make their goals and dreams a reality!

If You're Ready to Have a Bigger Impact in the World While Boosting Your Income Through Speaking and Training, Here's Your Chance!

Don't let the name fool you.  Train the Trainer Advanced isn’t just for Speakers, Trainers, or Coaches (or people who dream of pursuing one of those options). It’s for anyone who works with others and wants to make a difference by helping people aim higher, achieve more, and get the results they want.

This Certification Program is Also For...

  • Teachers
  • Business leaders and owners
  • Lawyers and Mediators
  • Investment Services
  • Real Estate Agents
  • HR Professionals
  • Corporate managers
  • Nutritional consultants
  • Yoga teachers
  • Psychologists
  • Writers and Authors
  • Sport coaches
  • Weight loss consultants
  • Doctors, Healers, and Naturopaths
  • Sales professionals - and more!

We’ve had people in ALL these professions and more successfully go through this program.

And now, they’re using their training to grow their businesses and careers... reach new audiences with their message... align their work more closely with their purpose and passions... earn a LOT more money... and create better lives for themselves – while helping others do the same. We couldn't be more proud of the work our trainers are doing in the world!

Here’s what people are saying about the program...

"Jack's training was instrumental in launching my own speaking, training, and coaching business. It's the wisest investment you could make to take your business, results, and bank account to the next level. If you're serious about making a living as a speaking and training professional, this is a must do!"

Sales Trainer and Success Coach

"This program gave me a huge leap forward, catapulting me from a
keynote conference speaker to a transformational trainer leading groups up to 1,000 people with engaging, experiential and life-changing content. I've done things I never dreamed of like travel the world, become an award winning author, and host my own events."

— Sergio Sedas, PhD
Director, Tecnologico de Monterrey

"Jack’s Train The Trainer program was by far the most life inspiring activity I've experienced! By learning, practicing, and teaching the principles I have "retired" two years earlier than planned
and have started up the business of my dreams!"

– Steve Norton, MS, PMP®
Corporate Trainer, Bestselling Author

Best Decision of My Life...

I had no training experience at all, just a gut feeling that this is what I want to do with my life—to share the Success Principles that transformed my life from tears to triumph! It was one of the best decisions in my life. It is hard to believe being a kid growing up poor and from a broken home that I now get paid to travel the world. I just have to show up, be myself and have fun!

— Forrest Willett
Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, Life
Coach, and Bestselling Author

Took Me to a New Level...

Even though I’ve been speaking professionally for many years, Jack Canfield’s program took me to a whole new level of authenticity and effectiveness. I’ve learned to take audiences deeper into a lasting emotional connection with my material, and it’s made a tremendous impact in my ability to promote my bestselling book. Most of all, it offers tremendous ongoing and support. 

— Marilyn Suttle
Customer Service Expert,
Bestselling Author, Who’s Your Gladys?

Recovered My Investment...

I wasn't sure how I would use the training, but I trusted my gut and the results have been amazing! I've opened a training center, launched a speaking career and have completely recovered my entire TTT investment within the first 5 months of operating my coaching business. And although all this is great, the friends I made are truly the gold of this program. 

Founder, Life by Design

Chennai, India

A Confident Facilitator...

I never dreamt I could teach confidently and be at ease in front of a crowd of strangers. Jack's training has helped me evolve into a confident facilitator and trainer as well as a public speaker. Now in the midst of my 6th workshop, I’ve seen how The Success Principles has transformed the lives of numerous employees and business associates.

Entrepreneuer and Owner
Home Hardware Building Centers

Get 40 Years of Experience, Resources, Tools, Coaching and Training from one of the Leading Success Trainers in America

SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 - APRIL 2021

Train the Trainer Advanced is a LIVE, IN-PERSON comprehensive training delivered via a BLENDED LEARNING MODEL — combining Digital Learning, Online Group Instruction, Interactive Workshops, and In-Person Instruction.

In a small workgroup of no more than 60 people, you'll work one-on-one with Jack Canfield and his Senior Training Team to perfect all aspects of your training skillsets and knowlegde of the principles... gaining the confidence you need to stand on any stage and articulate your message with clarity and confidence whether your audience is in the hundreds, thousands, in small group settings or even one-to-one.

Train the Trainer Advanced Includes:

Immediate Access to Train the Trainer Online

Jack's virtual classroom includes all the tools and training you need to start learning and teaching Success Principles content right away — including 1-hour, 1/2 day and mulit-day frameworks for delivering our signatures programs.

The course includes:

  • Comprehensive video instruction in The Success Principles and Canfield Methodology (45+ hours total)
  • Word-for-word scripts and customizable slide decks
  • Leader’s guides, workshop outlines, student workbooks,  and handouts
  • Tools for deepening expereinces such as dozens of powerful exercises, energizers, meditations, guided visualizations, games and more
  • Earn your Certified Success Principles Trainer credentials

* If you are an existing course owner, you'll receive credit toward the Advanced program

LIVE ZOOM SESSION #1:    The Accelerator Boot-Camp
September 10 & 11, 2020 via Zoom Group Learning

2 full days of practicing the basics and giving mini-presentations on 5 core principles with Jack and his team of trainers.  The goal of these two days is to quickly build your confidence and competence in presenting the material, and to begin to build a strong community among the 60 participants in the program. These 2 accelerator days will prime you for the 7-day intensive.

PREREQUISTE:  Review 5 key modules from your Train the Trainer Online portal (referenced above, 8 hours total).

LIVE ZOOM SESSION #2:    7-Day Training Intensive
Sept 27 — Oct 3, 2020  via Zoom Group Learning

Training objectives include:

  • Make a connection between the Principles you learn online and the principles as they’re actually delivered in a training setting.
  • Become more confident as a trainer, presenter, and teacher through powerful adjunct sessions.
  • Learn the nuances of delivering the exercises, training concepts, and stories included in your online modules.
  • Achieve tremendous personal growth as you set goals, process your thoughts, and create specific outcomes during exercises—the same exercises you’ll be facilitating as a Certified Canfield Trainer
  • Define your own career path as a trainer—developing more passion for your work, creating a clear plan of action, and establishing daily behaviors that will support your life’s work.
  • Mastermind with other trainers who can support, advise, and inspire you as you grow your career.
  • Work with an Accountability Partner to support you in achieving your personal and professional goals and commitments between sessions.
  • Begin holding your own workshops and seminars.
  • Qualifies for 52.5 hours of CCE credit by the ICF. (23 Core Competency, 29.5 Resource Development)
LIVE IN-PERSON SESSION #3:   7-Day Training Intensive 
March 14 — 20, 2021   San Diego, CA

During the third session, you will return to work with Jack and the group to practice and perfect all aspects of your training skill set—including practicing advanced presentation and processing techniques, storytelling for impact, techniques to anchor workshop lessons with your students, and giving a presentation on stage with feedback directly from Jack Canfield.

Training objectives include:

  • Building on the original workshop model of 10 Core Success Principles by learning additional principles fundamental for creating personal success.
  • Master group dynamics—enabling you to take charge of any training room, rapidly establish group cohesion, and create a “safe space” for every student to learn and grow.
  • Step outside your comfort zone and develop your own charisma as a trainer.
  • Experience deeper personal growth and connection with your fellow participants, which often leads to co-facilitating workshops, co-authoring books, and forming financially lucrative partnerships.
  • Participate in a memorable Graduation Ceremony with your fellow trainers and celebrate with a fantastic dinner and cocktail reception, including Jack’s famous “Trainer Olympics”.
  • Become equipped to carry on the legacy of Jack Canfield.
  • Earn your Level II Certified Canfield Trainer in the Canfield Methodology.
10 Monthly Group Coaching Calls

These monthly Zoom meetings are highly engaging and create space for you to experience the power of the group, share challenges, problem solve, and celebrate accomplishments. They are designed to prepare you in advance for the next training session and give you the support and strategies you need to be successful in the program.

Plus, you'll have direct access to Jack during dedicated “Ask Jack” Sessions, as you work through the material, develop your skills, and grow your business. 

Membership in our Global Training Community

Connect with thousands of your fellow Canfield Trainers worldwide to collaborate, share ideas, compare audience impact, and join post-training opportunities in our robust and active Facebook Group for our entire trainer community. You will also be part of a private Facebook group exclusively for the 60 participants in this live program to foster ongoing connection and support within the group.

Certification Package & Added Benefits

Upon successful completion of the program you'll will also receive:

  • Two levels of certification in The Success Principles and Canfield Methodolgy
  • Personalized certificates & officials seals to put on your website, frame in your office, and add to your marketing materials
  • Professional photo with Jack at graduation
  • Elevated status at Jack Canfield hosted events, plus wholesale discounts and joint-venture marketing opportunities on Canfield products and programs.
  • Lifetime access to the course curriculum and community as your access will never expire
  • Featured listing in our Certified Trainer Online Directory to give you and your business exposure
  • Social Media Shout-Out anouncing your certification on one of Jack's social media channels


Jack Canfield
America's Pioneer in Human Potential and Self-Esteem Training

Jack is a multiple New York Times bestselling author who has sold more than 500 million books in over 30 languages. He’s the originator of the billion-dollar Chicken Soup for the Soul™ book brand and is identified as one of the most influential leaders in personal growth and achievement alive today.


He began his career as a history teacher at an all-black high school in the inner city of Chicago. He quickly became more interested in how to motivate his students to believe in themselves—and their ability to learn and succeed in life—than he was in teaching history. After being mentored by W. Clement Stone, he became so successful he was soon asked to start training other teachers in self-esteem development and achievement, went on to self-publish his first book, and the rest is history.


Today, Jack’s goal is to prepare and equip the next generation of human-potential trainers who can serve in companies, social service settings, schools, special populations, and other organizations—bringing the principles of success and an attitude of achievement to people in all walks of life.

Meet Your Co-Facilitators:

Patty Aubery
Mentor & Coach

Patty Aubery is President of The Canfield Training Group and has been overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company along side Jack Canfield for over 25 years, helping him build a multi-million dollar enterprise that has taken him from an emerging self-esteem expert, to a world-renowned public figure, and America’s #1 Success Coach.

As the chief negotiator, rainmaker, developer, manager and champion of Jack’s career and companies, there’s barely a project, idea, opportunity, market or career move that Patty hasn’t seen, experienced, or personally developed.

She’s also a multiple best-selling author, media professional, executive mom, and world traveler. The talent and experience that Patty brings to the table is literally vast!

Kathleen Seeley
Lead Trainer, Group Faciliator & Coach

Kathleen Seeley is a Senior Canfield Trainer and an integral part to the design and delivery of our certification programs. As a key member of our teaching team, she is a great role model and mentor to our students.

As a thriving corporate consultant, her practice is focused on creating sustainable values driven cultures, building leadership capacity, team building, conflict resolution and executive coaching.

She holds has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and a Master’s Certification in Values Based Leadership — but what we love most is her authentic, edgy, walks her talk and unapologetically lives her most passionate life.

What Could Your Career Look Like After Working with Jack Canfield and His Team?

Not only will you be personally transformed by your time in this intensive, live training program,
your career will undergo a major shift as well. By adding experiential learning techniques, proven
principles, and effective success coaching to your professional skill set, you'll be able to work with countless
types of groups and individuals in effecting change in the workplace, in schools, in special populations, in
your coaching and counseling work, in your own company, and more.

With this kind of Professional Certification, you could easily...

  • Deliver your own Success Principles-style workshops and trainings with unshakeable confidence—using the training, feedback, scripts, exercises, and materials Jack will give you
  • Leverage Jack’s brand and guidance to help you truly transform (and get far better results with) your audience, students, or clients
  • Elevate your own game by using what you learn in this interactive training to weave these powerful concepts into your daily life, workplace habits, career activities, and important relationships
  • Launch a new career by becoming a personal-development trainer and coach who empowers others to passionately excel in work and life
  • Coach, speak and train freely in any market, anywhere in the world
  • Train your own employees by integrating Jack’s breakthrough principles into your business (many entrepreneurs who he’s already trained are seeing record growth and profits after bringing The Success
    Principles to their workplace)
  • Graduate with Jack on stage at a live commencement ceremony designed to introduce you to the world as a new Certified Canfield Trainer and join the ranks of the human potential trainers who have been certified by Jack Canfield
  • EMERGE MORE EXPANDED, MORE ENLIGHTENED, AND UTTERLY TRANSFORMED not only as a trainer, but as a human being
Only 60 Professionals Can Participate

Class starts Sept 10th | Only 15 spots left!

The Advanced Training is strictly limited to 60 people in order to assure every participant can receive Jack’s personal attention, and be fully prepared to meet the Certification standards he’s developed. Because of this limitation, we offer the program only to a select group of professionals following a thoughtful (yet informal) interview process.

While you don't have to be a professional speaker, we welcome you to apply today and begin transforming your career under Jack’s mentorship and guidance, along with the world-class materials and resources he provides.

But this training is designed for MORE than just building your skills and giving you training curriculum...   It's a journey where you'll be totally immersed in the work, build life-long relationships, get personalized feedback, and be held accountable for living the Success Principles in your own lifejust as you'll be teaching and supporting your students to do.


Apply Today and Get 3 Fast-Action Bonuses Valued at $8,000

Bonus 1
Open Office Hours Calls with Patty Aubery

Wish you had a business strategist in your corner?  Patty will set you on a course that will skyrocket your business or career, allow you to make a greater impact, and help you live a life you love!

$1,500 value

Bonus 2
Speaking for Money Coaching with Steve Harrison

This bonus course featuring Jack Canfield will coach you on how to find meeting planners who'll pay you to speak, deliver a fantastic talk, and get both a standing ovation and nice check (even if you're not yet famous in your field).  $1,500 value

Bonus 3
Marketing Video Announcing You as a Canfield Certified Trainer

Complete the Advanced Certification requirements and Jack will record for you a personalized video announcing you as a Certified Canfield Trainer that you can share in your marketing and on your website  $5,000 value

A Lifelong Investment in Yourself & Your Career

While other human potential leaders might charge up to $100,000 to work with you personally (if they would agree to even do so), Jack wants to work with as many qualified applicants as possible who want to become Certified in his methodolgy — and continue his legacy of transforming audiences with unshakable confidence, build a lucrative training or coaching company, and enjoy the kind of exciting and fulfilling lifestyle he's enjoyed for more than 40 years!

That's why the price of this 8-month professional development program is far below what Jack typically gets for just one day of speaking or consulting.

Option  1:


Option  2:

Payment Plan

Be sure to ask about special offers and incentives you may quailify for, including credits for Train the Trainer Online.  Should you move forward with the program, payment(s) will be arranged at the conclusion of your orientation call with one of our training advisors.

And, remember, you'll also receive $8,000 in incredible bonuses!

Join the Canfield Training Team Today!
Enrollment Closes September 1st

Start the Process of Applying for our Advanced Certification below. You will be taken to a brief questionaire followed by an interview with a Program Director

Have questions before applying?   Connect with a Canfield Advisor at 

Will You Join Me in My Mission?

So many people in the world currently live in a state of resignation or despair. It’s time to turn that around by freeing people from their limiting beliefs and ignorance about success -- and empower them to create the results they want while living happy, purpose-filled lives.

If you feel called by this program, but are unsure whether it's the right fit, I encourage you to trust your intuition and apply today. There’s no commitment to enroll – the application process gives us the opportunity to speak with you and unpack the program in relationship to your goals.  If we don’t think you’re in a position to start benefiting from it personally and professionally right away, we'll let you know!

If helping other people live with passion and purpose is a dream of yours, I want to do everything in my power to help it come true.