Join Jack Canfield,  as he interviews special guests about their personal success and how they are making an impact in the world by helping others experience more joy, fulfillment, and abundance in their lives.  Discover their stories and many more – and find the inspiration you need to take action in your own life to uplevel your personal and professional success. 

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Episode 1   Mark Boldizar: Success Hacker
Mark is an accomplished scientist who has developed a systematic approach to intentionally manifest success through the Universal Law of Creation. Now he wants to share his system with you.

Episode 2  Fia Johannson: Mind Surgeon
Fia is a spiritual medium who has helped law enforcement solve crimes. She uses her powers as a “Subconscious Mind Surgeon” to help people raise their vibration and enjoy happier, healthier lives.

Episode 3  Myia Cleggett: Mindset Coach
Myia is a hypnotherapist and transformational trainer who helps people release their self-sabotaging blocks and become the happy and successful people they were meant to be. Here’s how she does it.

Episode 4  Barry Shore: Ambassador of JOY
Barry is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker who spent years recovering from being paralyzed from the neck down. Now his mission in life is to transform the world through joy.

Episode 5  Monique Y. Wells: Change Maker
Monique is a veterinary pathologist and toxicologist turned non-profit powerhouse who’s transformed her passion for helping others into her purpose. Here’s what she says about creating a legacy.

Episode 6  Hassan Tetteh: Human Care
Hasan is a surgeon specializing in heart and lung transplants. He wrote a book called The Art of Human Care and is on a mission to humanize health care. See how he aligned his work with his passions.

Episode 7  Diana Cole: Spirit Translator
Diane is a spiritual trainer who gives people the tools and guidance they need to start their spiritual journey and connect to the divine essence within. Here’s how to tap into your own inner wisdom.

Episode 8  Stan Esecson: Brain Socks
Stan is a successful entrepreneur who sells reflexology-based socks and insoles that are scientifically designed to improve stability and balance. Learn how he’s changing lives – through socks!

Episode 9  Pat & Alane: Magnetic Wellness
Pat and Alane sell cutting-edge PEMF (pulse electro-magnetic frequency) devices that reduce inflammation and stimulate healthy cell regeneration. Learn how this technology boosts people’s health.

Episode 10  Chris Jarvis: Be the Giraffe
Chris Jarvis is a successful entrepreneur who had become a prisoner of his own success. So he sold his business and now coaches career professionals on how to pursue lives of purpose and fulfillment.

Episode 11  Shirley & Marta: Light Energy
Shirley and Marta are certified Quantum Light Energy coaches who use light therapy to boost their clients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Learn more about this revolutionary therapy.

Episode 12  Catherine Allon: The Awakener
Catharine is a spiritual psychotherapist who empowers her clients to experience “radical awakenings” and connect with their innermost wisdom. Learn how her work is changing lives for the better.

Episode 13 Eric Jackier: Master Mentor
Eric is a professional coach who teaches business owners how to become better leaders and mentor their teams more effectively. Learn how he’s helping clients change the way they run their business.

Episode 14  Denisa Paleckova: Love Expert
Denisa is a love and intimacy coach who helps her clients experience greater passion and fulfillment in their relationships. Learn how her practical approach to intimacy is improving people’s lives.

Episode 15  Ann Marie Smith: Transformer
Ann Marie is a former principal turned successful business owner who has just launched her Crazy, Amazing book series on parenting and relationships. Learn how she has manifested her magical life.