with Jack Canfield & Patty Aubery

Limited to 8 Particitpants 
It's our most EXCLUSIVE coaching experience yet!


How would you like to have the personal guidance, support, and accountability you need to accomplish your biggest goals and catapult your life to an exciting new level of success, abundance, and freedom?


Patty Aubery and I are looking for *8* highly motivated individuals who are ready to dedicate themselves to taking their lives to a whole new level ― willing to play full-out and take massive action toward their most ambitious goals.

If this is something you're commited to doing, we want to become your personal mentors! This means serious accountability, and the private mastermind coaching and mindset training you need to create your desired reality faster than you ever thought possible! 

Get the Private Mentorship You Need to Achieve Your Biggest Dreams


They can be scary and feel downright impossible to achieve on your own. 

That’s because the bigger the goal, the greater the number of obstacles that not only get in your way, but they also keep you from staying the course to achieving your goal. 

There are more moving parts to deal with, and the risk feels so much bigger. The level of expertise required is so much higher. 

And there are so many unknowns that you simply can’t anticipate due to lack of experience.

That’s why one of the best ways to ensure you are successful in achieving your big goals is to have trusted mentors by your side who have successfully walked that path before you!

That's where Patty and I come in...

No matter how ambitious YOUR goals are, we can help you get there.


Between the two of us, we have:

  • Written over 250 books with dozens of NY Times bestsellers
  • Created a billion-dollar brand
  • Built multiple million-dollar businesses
  • Launched successful nonprofit organizations
  • Consulted for Fortune 500 businesses
  • Become highly sought-after international speakers and coaches
  • Traveled the world and pursued our greatest passions
  • Successfully evolved our businesses to thrive in times of crisis — on more than one occasion
  • Helped millions of people transform their realities and experience more joy, abundance, and meaning in their lives
  • And so much more  

Best of all,  we've managed to accomplish ALL OF THIS while living lives filled with purpose, love, freedom, and abundance for ourselves and our families.

Now we want to help YOU do the same!

We’re looking for 8 ambitious individuals who are ready to take their lives to a much higher level.

If you're feeling called to step up  in a bigger way — whether it's a big goal, or a massive transformation that will have a  huge impact on your life, the lives of others, maybe even the world around you — we want to help you bring your vision to life.


our Contacts, Industry Experience, and Personal Input on Your Dreams!

Whether you’re hoping to: 

  • Quit your day job and start a new business
  • Write your bestselling book
  • Make a big leap in your career (or make a transition)
  • Complete a game-changing project
  • Find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning 
  • Launch a new organization
  • Spearhead a movement
  • or simply want to simply find more meaning, balance, and freedom in your life...

Patty and I are excited to spend the next six months helping you


Here's your chance to embark on a life-changing journey with us as your personal coaches, along with an exclusive group of amazing people who will inspire you to achieve incredible new heights in your own life.

Each month we’ll meet in our virtual Mastermind room to check-in on your latest progress, tune-up your mindset, and collectively brainstorm solutions to your challenges or aspirations you have. 

These accelerated problem-solving sessions will help you see what's possible, overcome obstacles, and fast-track your progress to your goals.  

And the monthly accountability and ongoing support will keep you motivated and focused as you take brave action to make your vision a reality.

Best of all, your private mastermind group will be limited to 8 MEMBERS MAXIMUM.

This intimate group size guarantees you get the personal mentorship you need to achieve your goals.

Plus you’ll be able to forge powerful connections with the other high achievers in your group – and those relationships will change your life in ways you can’t imagine! 

Here's What our Six-Month Journey Looks Like

MAY 2021 

Private Mastermind Kickoff

Our journey starts with a half-day kickoff session. We'll focus on getting you crystal clear what you want to accomplish in the next six months, as well as the steps you’ll need to take to achieve it. You’ll get to know your fellow group members at a deep level right away and start cultivating valuable connections that will help you get better results, faster.


Monthly Private Sessions

Each month, we’ll meet in our virtual Mastermind room for a powerful two-hour masterminding session, where you’ll get the personal laser coaching, group brainstorming, and accelerated problem-solving support you need to bring your vision to life.


Open Call-In Hours, Celebrations, and SO much more!

Each month we'll also be offering 90-minute “open office hours,” where you can drop by and ask for personal input on your ongoing progress and challenges. 

We’ll also be hosting surprise bonus sessions with industry experts as well as a fun virtual party at the end of the program to celebrate everything you accomplished.

BEST OF ALL, we will be conducting all of our monthly mastermind sessions virtually in our private “mastermind room” on Zoom so you will save thousands on the travel and accommodations required for in-person mastermind programs!

What Do "Life-Changing" Results Look Like?

Take a look at what some of our Private Clients have achieved:

  • Increased personal revenue by 100%, as well as initiated practices within their companies that boosted employees’ salaries and company profit (one company reported back to us that they had increased profits by 300%)
  • Created more balance in their life – taking time off, taking vacations, spending more time with family and friends
  • Created new products, including #1 ranked iPhone and iPad applications, a #1 Amazon best-selling book, and a new medical product and procedure
  • Opened a variety of schools and institutes, including: A school in Malta, a Training and Speaking Company in Australia, and a Meditation Center in California

And a wealth of other results!

Elite Mentoring from the Best of the Best



Your Private Advisor, Mentor and Coach

You probably know me as the co-creator of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series —now with more than 225 titles and 500 million copies in print in 47 languages.


I’m also the co-author of The Success PrinciplesDare to WinThe Power of FocusThe Aladdin Factor, and Tapping into Ultimate Success.


As founder and Chairman of the Canfield Training Group, I teach entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, speakers, and sales professionals how to accelerate the achievement of their personal, professional and financial goals.


I’ve personally helped hundreds of 1000s of people become multi-millionaires, business leaders, best-selling authors, leading sales professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and world-class athletes while creating balanced, fulfilling and healthy lives for themselves.

And I would love to do the same for you!


President of the Canfield Training Group
NY Times Bestselling Author

Patty Aubery came into my life like a bolt of lightning 31 years ago and has worked with me ever since, helping me build a multi-million dollar enterprise that has taken me from an emerging self-esteem expert to a world-renowned public figure, and America’s #1 Success Coach.

As the chief negotiator, rainmaker, developer, manager and champion of my career and companies, there’s barely a project, idea, opportunity, market or career move that Patty hasn’t seen or experienced. 

Now she's available to you!

She is also a NY Times bestselling author, media professional, and an executive mom who has a passion for helping women excel in business and at home by giving them permission to have it all.

I owe so much of my success to Patty… and I know you’ll say the same thing once you’ve had a chance to sit down and go over your plans for your business and life with her.

Here's What Our Clients are Saying


Patty Aubery has been my business coach for 2 years. She has helped me set and fulfill life-changing goals and navigate new business opportunities. Most importantly she has been my relentless encourager every step of the way.

Steven Welling


Jack's principles have completely changed my life! I was able to double my income, find my purpose in life, and communicate better with my teenager to build a trusting relationship with him. Now I teach these principles to my entire family! 

Noemi Rub


Patty has a brilliant mind, a heart of gold, a powerhouse marketer, and all-round incredible consultant. I've been in corporate America for 20 years and haven't seen anything quite like her level of her strategic thinking. 

Megan McNealy


I would have paid double for the breakthroughts I had. The opportunities that came out of the experience were enormous and I now have an extended family around the world that I can share my journey with, mastermind with, and support them in their own journeys.

Anni Diamond


The mastermind groups were very hands on and extremely productive. I was blown away by the attention that we were each given.  It was  wonderful to experience this with people I have never met before!  Not only did I meet extraordinary people, I was able to open up on a greater level.

Paul Dinletir


I literally doubled my income twice in 3 years by applying Jack's principles. My wife and I bought a vacation home and eventually reached my breakthrough goal of purchasing a investment property. Best of all,  we have found great purpose in living our lives more intentionally! 

Mike Pate

Just imagine what YOU will be able to accomplish in six powerful months with us! 



When you surround yourself with successful, motivated, positive people, the energy and possibilities they bring to your life is unbelievable! 

Suddenly, thanks to their insight, expertise, and connections, things you would have thought impossible can be easily achieved in just a few days. 

You’ll gain access to skills and knowledge that have never been available to you before. You will be inspired by their examples and driven to meet your commitments and honor your accountability agreements with each other.


We want to make sure every participant gets the personal mentorship and support they need to achieve their goals. That’s why we’re limiting this mastermind to 8 participants maximum.  

It’s also why we’re only accepting people who have already achieved a significant measure of success in their lives. 

This isn’t another self-development program for people who are just starting out on their personal growth journey…

It’s for high achievers who have accomplished some big wins on their own and are looking for high-calibre mentors to help them get to the next level in their lives and careers. 

Many will apply but only 8 will be accepted… will you be one?


  • You have big dreams and are no longer willing to settle for the “same old, same old” 
  • You want to create your legacy or make a bigger impact on the world
  • For all your success, you know something’s missing in your life - and you’re ready to close the gap
  • You’re ready to fully commit the next six months to achieving something BIG with your life 
  • You understand that you’ll achieve so much more, so much faster, as part of a team
  • You’re prepared to bring your A-game to each mastermind session and commit to helping others as well as yourself

If that sounds like you, we are eager to work with you over the next six months to help you achieve your goals!

Are Your Ready to Invest in Your NEXT BIG LEAP?

Tuition for this exclusive, 6-month private mastermind is $9,997.

We know that getting 3-4 hours of personal access to us every month for less than $2,000 is a downright bargain.  

(Normally I charge $5,000/hr or more for my coaching and mentorship!) 

We have helped countless people launch exciting new businesses or careersbecome bestselling authors… turn six-figure businesses into thriving eight-figure empiresspearhead exciting new global initiatives… and find the purpose, balance, and freedom they crave.

Want to add an extra zero or two at the end of your annual income? 

We can help you do that.

Do you want to write a book, or launch a successful speaking or training career?  

We can help you do that, too.

Are you ready to make a bold move, or find more purpose or freedom in you life?  

We’ll show you the way!

We want to apply our laser focus to YOUR game-changing goals.  Are you ready to spend the next six months making your goals a reality?


Some seem to think it’s smarter to “play it cautious” and wait until the crisis is over to take brave action toward their dreams. 

The good news is, in times of uncertainty and flux are also times of unprecedented opportunity. 

The world is changing and those who put in the effort now to adapt and evolve will be the ones who thrive in the new world that awaits us. 

Just imagine how much you will accomplish in the next six months with Patty and me at your side, offering our expert mentorship and support!

Let's Make Your Most Ambitious Dreams a Reality!

with Jack Canfield & Patty Aubery


 Membership is limited to 8 members maximum to give everyone a very personal experience.  This is our most exclusive mastermind experience yet, and will SELL OUT!

  • YES, JACK & PATTY!  I want to be one of the 8 committed people to participate in your next private Success Accelerator Mastermind from May 2021 - October 2021.

PLEASE: Due to the volume of requests, we invite you to submit *only if* you are able to meet the financial investment, are committed to showing up, doing the work, and giving 100% effort.

QUESTIONS? Call us now at 805-881-5191 or customerservice@jackcanfield.com

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