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Create a Life Without Limitations...
the Jack Canfield Way!

My name is Jack Canfield and I want to show you how to reclaim your life from overwhelm and uncertainty and get back on track toward your goals.

Give me just 5 days and I will help you realize that you can succeed in life regardless of where you are today. I’ve helped people find their dream jobs, create million-dollar businesses, write bestselling books, find true love, lose weight, run marathons, achieve their financial goals, and more – so I know it’s possible for you!

5 Days of Powerful Teaching to Recharge Your Mindset & Motivation

Every day you will receive a new email from me with a short video sharing some of my most powerful success strategies. These practices have transformed the lives of countless people around the world, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with them. 

Here’s what our 5 days together will look like:

  • DAY 1

  • DAY 2

  • DAY 3

  • dAY 4

  • DAY 5 

Take Back Your Life

You’ll kick off your journey by checking in with yourself, reconnecting with your soul’s journey, and recommitting to your ultimate vision – so you have the energy and willpower to crush your goals in the months to come. 


Here's what you'll recieve:

  • 5 Doable Daily Video Challenges with Jack - fun and easy!
  • Daily accountability and motivation to keep you on track 
  • Live interaction with Jack and the RECHARGE team
  • Support of an incredible community
  • Daily prizes valued $79 - $1500!
  • Access to the official Recharge Facebook Group, where Jack posts daily lessons, and where you can interact with others, participate in the live streams with Jack, report your progress, qualify to win daily prizes, and SO MUCH more!

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