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  • 2-Hour Video Seminar: Living the Law of Attraction
  • 96-page The Success Principles e-book (first two chapters)
  • The Success Principles Instructor’s Guide (for leading a TSP study group)

Living the Law of Attraction: Part 1
(running time 55 minutes)


 Living the Law of Attraction: Part 2
(running time 56 minutes)


Download the First 2 Chapters of The Success Principles:

This New York Times bestseller walks you through 64 principles the world’s top achievers use to excel in all areas of their life from their careers to their finances, relationships, leisure pursuits, philanthropic activities and more. Get started reading right away with the first two chapters of the book.

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Lead Your Own Study Group Using Our Instructor’s Manual…

You don’t have to be a master of The Success Principles to lead a discussion group. You just have to be willing to facilitate a discussion of the principles. This study guide will tell you everything you need to say and do to lead a productive discussion and help people implement the principles at work, at school, and at home. Complete with reproducible handouts, forms and the actual words to use when facilitating each of the six lessons Jack’s created for you!

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