Living the Success Principles Story Submission

I’m currently writing a book entitled Living the Success Principles – a collection of true and compelling stories from people (just like you!) who have had a breakthrough results from applying the strategies and concepts found in the The Success Principles book, our audio and video programs, or any of our workshops, trainings and coaching programs.

If you have a story of a breakthrough or a success you created as a result of applying The Success Principles in your personal or professional life, I would love it if you would send it to us to be considered for publication in the book.

The purpose of the book is to inform people about how powerful the principles and techniques are in creating powerful transformations in the lives of the people who apply them. All the stories are as inspirational, motivational and instructional as the stories you would find in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book.

The types of stories I’m  looking for:

  • Medical miracles
  • Career breakthroughs
  • Amazing financial growth
  • Powerful love stories
  • Home/Real estate successes
  • Significant improvements connected to school/education/grades
  • Sports achievements
  • Community/social change advances
  • Family/relationship healings or fulfillments
  • Instances of accurate intuition or acting on inspiration
  • Synchronicities

Stories will be selected for:

  • moving emotional content
  • impressive results/achievements
  • inspirational value

Helpful Pointers:

  • If there are certain principles that stand out as the most important ones in your success, please mention them and how you applied them.
  • Remember, the more specific you can be, the more the reader will relate to the story and be able to benefit from it.
  • Ideal length for your WRITTEN STORY should be 500-2000 words, but don’t get hung up about length. Make it as long or as short as it takes to tell the story. Our editors can edit it if need be.
  • Ideal length for your VIDEO RECORDED story should be 3-5 minutes and uploaded to YouTube. We will transcribe the video if we choose to use it.
  • If we choose to publish your story, we will have one of our editors work with you to expand it and polish it… so don’t worry about it having to be written or told perfectly.


Please email us your written story, or a link to your YouTube video to:


Remember to use the guidelines provided and include your contact information.

Thank you and I look forward to reading how you are living The Success Principles!



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