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Get Clear on What You REALLY Want

In order to achieve any sort of success in life, you have to know what exactly it is you want to accomplish. It’s not enough to think, “I want more success in my career,” or “I want to make a living off my art.” You need to be more specific.

Your success goals need to be clearly defined and measurable.

For example, instead of thinking “more money,” think a specific dollar amount achieved by a certain date.

(E.g., $150,000 in the bank by December 31st of this year.)

You’ll find it much easier to reach your goals if you have a clear vision of what they are.

Ready to make that happen?

Transformation Activity #9

Step 1: Download Worksheets #4 and #5 – “The Vision Exercise” and “Decide What You Want

worksheet-4 worksheet-5

Step 2: Read Worksheet #4: The Vision Exercise

Step 3: Record your goals on Worksheet #5: Decide What You Want. Set the date by which you will complete your goals.

Step 4: Create a plan to achieve them

Be sure to read through your list of goals every day.

Use the power of visualization to get your goals crystal clear in your head.

This will give you the motivation you need to carry your goals forward – and attract the people, resources, and opportunities you need to make them a reality.

Have fun with this exercise… I can’t tell you how powerful it is.


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