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Celebrate Your Past Successes

It’s time to celebrate! You have accomplished incredible things in your life.

And today you’re going to take stock of your past successes and use their power to fuel you on your journey toward future success. 

So today’s big question is: What amazing things have you achieved in your life? 

Maybe you put yourself through university, traveled the world, or taught yourself a lucrative skill.  

Maybe you have achieved success in your career. Maybe you survived a horrible childhood or overcame a major personal setback. Maybe you married the love of your life and have raised incredible children.

Whatever successes you’ve achieved (big or small) or challenges you’ve overcome—now is the time to acknowledge and celebrate them.

Success Principle #26 

Research shows over and over that the more you acknowledge your past successes, the more confident you’ll become in taking on new challenges. And the more successfully you’ll accomplish them.

That’s what successful people do.

They confidently seek out and accept new opportunities for advancement because they have confidence based on a lifetime of smaller achievements.  

And from now on, this is something you’re going to do as well. 

Transformation Activity #4

Step 1: Download Worksheet #2: “Acknowledge Your Positive Past”  


Step 2: Write down the biggest successes you’ve accomplished during the three stages of your life.

Step 3: Read them out loud and allow yourself to feel deep pride for what you have accomplished.

Step 4: Share your top accomplishments on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jackcanfieldfan




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