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I’m missing a day of my 10-Day Transformation course: 
You can access any missed emails of the 10 Day Transformation through this link:

Will Jack write an endorsement or foreword for my book?
Your request is the most frequently asked each day by phone, email and mail.  In fact it has reached a level beyond what is manageable.  As a result, all such requests are being declined. 

We want to encourage you to keep asking people you respect and admire to provide you with an endorsement, foreword or feedback.  You will eventually get a “yes”.  Keep in mind that a “no” is only a limitation on the part of the person you’ve requested something from, and is not a value judgment about you.  The bottom line: Don’t take the “no’s” personally.

 We wish you success with your book!

Will Jack mentor me?
Your time is now!  Get started today with Jack Canfield as your personal mentor for the next 2 weeks!  Take The Success Principles 10-Day Transformation.  Sign up at:

I have an idea that I’d like to share with Jack:
Our plate is full!  We have enough products in development for the next five years.  So, at this time we are no longer accepting new business proposals. 

Questions about the Law of Attraction:
You can find more information about the Law of Attraction on our website under Jack’s Blog at  

Below are some specific articles:

Sharing your “Success Stories”:
We love getting feedback on Jack’s amazing work in the lives of our students.   Click here to share you successes with us:

Jack is currently working on a book entitled Living The Success Principles, which will contain 65 to 100 stories of people’s success in applying The Success Principles to their life.  Your story could possibly end up being published in Jack’s book.

Requesting advice from Jack Canfield:
It’s difficult to try to give advice for every situation.  What we do know is that if you work the Success Principles (put them into action) you’ll see results.

If you’re serious about transformation in your life then sign up for our FREE course – The Success Principles 10-Day Transformation.  You can sign up at:

Also check out Jack’s Blog for other articles:

I’m having trouble Unsubscribing from your email list:
Send an email to with “Unsubscribe” in Subject line.  We will remove your email.  If you change your mind, you can always sign up again at

I’m a writer and need advice on publishing, marketing and how to get started:
Jack understands the challenges an author faces through their journey as a writer.  As a result, he’s partnered with Steve Harrison to produce the “Bestseller Blueprint” program that provides authors with multiple resources from writing, publishing to marketing your book.  To access the free videos click on this link:

Permission request to use Jack Canfield material:
Please submit your request to  Include the exact copy you would like to use and how you plan to use it.  

Where can I find Chicken Soup for the Soul books?
You can find more information at, or

Returns and Refund policy:
Please view and download the instructions from here: 

Shipping cost:
We ship within USA as well as International countries that can receive products and goods from the USA.  The cost of shipping is determined by weight, ship to address and shipping method.  Once you have all your items in the shopping cart, you enter your credit card information, click NEXT and your shipping options will appear.  Your order will not be processed until you’ve clicked SUBMIT on the web page. 

Vision Board apps available:
You can find the Jack Canfield Vision Board app on Itunes or Google Play

Need assistance with one of our apps?
All of our iPhone and Android apps are created and supported by a third party developer. If you need technical support, please contact their help desk by clicking here:

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Free Resources:
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