Book Jack – Company Testimonials

What Companies are Saying…


“RE/MAX continues to richly benefit from our relationship with you and your organization.  Your most recent presentation captivated and entertained a diverse audience of fast-charging entrepreneurs from 43 countries.  I also appreciate the help youʻve provided to many of our 115,000-plus Associates through your monthly coaching visits in several RE/MAX regions.  

Your keynote in Las Vegas was right on target.  Especially appealing to me was the way you supported much of your message with credible and topical scientific research.  There wasnʻt any fluff.  Your insights into the universal principles of success and the power of focus were delivered in a clear, engaging style that prompted listeners to immediately and profitably put the guidance to use.”

Vinnie Tracey, President, RE/MAX International

“At all levels, there is new confidence and commitment. District and Branch managers and their staffs are taking risks, making decisions, pushing through fears, asking for what they need, and are working better as a team. I fully expect that when the result are compared to [other departments], the value on incorporating personal growth training into the corporate curriculum will be undeniable.”


“Your dynamic, standing room only, presentation of “The Success Principles” is a perfect fit with our business philosophy and your presentation spoke to each of us.  Based on the continued enthusiastic praise, I know many of our Realtorʻs have incorporated your wisdom and sound advice in their personal and professional lives.  The demonstration you shared with our group on the power of the mind to visualize was amazing.

Our company vision as well, includes the growth and improvement of our agents personal and professional lives and your message highlighted many things each of us can do daily to achieve these goals.”

Robert P. Ruccione, Branch Manager


“You created new enthusiasm among franchise operators and the feedback we have received has been very positive.  I am sure they will use the information you provided to improve their lives and help their customers Live Well.” 

Darryl Green,  Senior Vice President, Domestic Franchising

“You are such a gift to everyone you touch through your speaking and books.  Your Success Principles can be applied to everyone building their Isagenix business and also their personal life.  You have such a masterful talent of relating your Success Principles and making it come alive for our Associates.

Your understanding of the industry of network marketing is so valuable as you speak to our Associates, everything makes sense to them.  This will help catapult their business to the next level.”

Kathy Coover, Executive Vice President

“Your presentation at our Director Training Event was a resounding success!  Learning about your “Success Principles” was the perfect way for our field leaders to begin their National Conference experience.  Directors told me that your message of personal responsibility, clarity of goals, and consistent action was exactly what they needed to hear.

I especially appreciate the time you tool in our pre-conference discussions to understand our leaderʻs current challenges and new opportunities.  You targeted the principles most relevant to their needs, and that means our leaders left with fresh insights and practical strategies they could apply immediately.”

Doreen Grass, Director, Sales Training

“Your presentation fit in with our theme in such an excellent way.  I donʻt know if you customized the presentation to us or that our theme just fit with your presentation.  But no matter the main thing is that this was a Home Run!”

Denman Wagstaff, President AKFCF

“You did a great job conveying your passion for what it takes to be successful. There was so much spirit in the room and they attendees were quite pumped. Hearing your stories and anecdotes motivated our members to pursue their dreams. One of our principles of learning is to surprise, challenge and delight our members. You certainly helped us deliver!”
Anne BlouinVice, President, Learning & Community