Top 5 Priority Actions Post-Its

Do FIVE SPECIFIC things EVERY DAY that Move You Toward Your Goals!

Daily utilization of these ‘Top 5 Actions’ post-its are the simplest way to ensure that you are moving in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Referenced in The Success Principles book as the Rule of 5, these post-it notes are crucial to planning and organizing the actions that will have the greatest impact on your life.  Learn to eliminate time wasting activities and implement the Rule of 5 by streamlining your focus and spending time only on tasks that will reap you the largest reward.

Plan for tomorrow today! Each evening, use these convenient Top 5 Action Post-its to plan your next day.

  • What has to happen tomorrow?
  • Who do I have to call?
  • Where do I need to allocate my efforts for the day?

Write it down, then, stick to it!

Wouldn’t it be IDEAL to start each day knowing EXACTLY what you SHOULD be doing?