Self-Esteem in the Classroom

411 page Curriculum Guide (grades 1-12)

Over 220 Classroom-Tested Activities to Build Self-Esteem in Your Students!

Teachers intuitively know that when kids feel better about themselves, they do better in school. The Self-Esteem in the Classroom curriculum is based on the fundamental notion that the two core aspects of positive self-esteem are the belief and the experience that one is loveable and capable. The activities contained in the curriculum are all designed to bring
about these two objectives.

This curriculum guide for grades 1-12 and contains 416 pages detailing over 220 classroom-tested activities to build self-esteem — 149 of the activities are for all grade levels, an additional 75 activities are specifically for elementary use.

In addition to the comprehensive activity guides, nine other sections provide this important resource information:

  • The Power of Our Thoughts
  • The Power of the Imagination
  • The Power of Acknowledgment
  • Accepting My Body
  • Learning to Handle My Feelings

Special Elementary Resource Section includes:

  • Building Self-Esteem By Enhancing the Classroom Environment
  • Learning About Myself… All About Me
  • Puppets and Self-Esteem
  • Accepting and Understanding Feelings
  • Friends and Self

This is a valuable resource for every teacher and trainer to have!

This product is available as a PDF download, for your convenience.