Overcoming Relationship Challenges

70 minute mp3 teleseminar recording

Learn How the Quality of the Relationships in Your Life Dramatically Impacts Your Results

On a practical level, everything you want to accomplish in life requires relationships – with your friends, family, staff, vendors, coaches, bosses, board of directors, clients, customers, partners, associates, students, teachers, fans and others.

On a deeper level, relationships are what add color and richness to life. No one has wept on their deathbed about not getting more work done. Instead, most people regret what they didn’t do with their relationships, such as not spending enough time with their kids or not healing estrangements.

During this powerful 70-minute call recording, Jack tackles some of your toughest relationship challenges. Learn tips for identifying the most important relationships to nurture and how to enjoy a growing abundance of relationships without sacrificing authenticity. You’ll also discover how to buffer yourself from negative people and how to fully forgive and rebuild trust with someone after betrayal.

The answers to these burning questions await you:

  •  I’m constantly meeting new people who I genuinely want to stay in touch with but I struggle feeling like I’m losing authentic relationships. Do you have a lot of authentic relationships or keep it to a minimum?
  • How do I create positive surroundings and let go of the negative people?
  • Do I attract the people in my life? How do you deal with family in your life who you can’t really “get rid of” or “change”?
  • My partner and I are working on reconnecting, any advice?
  • How do I know if I’ve totally forgiven someone? Do you have to forgive someone to move forward?
  • I haven’t spoke to my brother in 15 years and around the holidays I think of our estranged relationship. Sometimes I fear I’m holding onto the past and afraid to reach out to him. Is it just the holidays or my true inner heart speaking?
  • How do I balance being a good mother and a hard worker? I want to do all these things, help everyone and make them happy, but when can I just stop and find time for myself?
  • I need to boost my self confidence and self-esteem because my insecurities seem to be ruining my marriage, but I don’t know where to start with myself?

Get your copy of the call now and discover how the quality of relationships in your life directly impacts your results.