Kids Vision Board Kit

Empower Your Children. Encourage their Dreams

The Kids Vision Board is a completely unique visualization tool that creates a private, sacred space for your child to define their dreams, goals and desires.

By creating their own personal Vision Board, your children become active participants in the creation of their futures. Help your children create Vision Boards that speak to them of joy and possibilities. You will learn more about who they are right now, and who they want to be. 

The process is life affirming, life changing, and FUN!

Includes Accessories & Users Guide

kidsaccessoriesuserguideEach Vision Board comes with a broad collection of inspirational words, quotations, and affirmations. Have your child select the ones that speak to them and place them in their Vision Board. Combine them with pictures and images that inspire them and best represent their dreams and desires.

(50) kid’s inspirational words, (25) kid’s quotations, (25) kid’s affirmations, (25) assorted blank templates for their own inspirational thoughts and assorted feathers and jewels to make their Vision Board uniquely their own.

Length – 15″
Width – 20 1/2″ (open)
Height  – 1 3/4″