Developing an Abundance Mindset

70 minute mp3 teleseminar recording

Discover How To Develop an Abundance Mindset So You Can Achieve Success More Easily & Quickly

Many people agree in theory that it’s important to give back. Yet they struggle, because they don’t feel they can afford to give when they have so little themselves, particularly in the current economic climate.

Developing a prosperity mindset is essential for activating the Law of Attraction, which says that like attracts like, so that you can achieve success more easily and quickly.

During this powerful 70-minute call you’ll discover the myriad ways that a scarcity mindset can show up, ideas for overcoming mistrust in the universe, and practical ways to develop a more abundant mindset.

The answers to these burning questions await you:

  • How can I learn to better recognize abundance and put my focus there? I feel that I need some help to “build” my mindset. What tools, strategies or ideas can you share with me that will help transform my thinking and then my practice?
  • I feel I focus on gratitude and appreciation every day in an effort to allow more abundance in my life. My challenge comes when I actually go out into my world and try to maintain that feeling of abundance in the face of my current reality. I feel scared and almost guilty when I act “as if” I already have the things I want. How do you overcome those fear based feelings while waiting for the physical reality to catch up with the envisioned reality?
  • How do you live an abundance mindset with a heart filled of dreams when others who want you to work for them say they have no funds to pay you or it isn’t in our budget or can you do it for less? Do you work for less or is that sending a message to the universe that you devalue your talents?

Get your copy of the call now and discover how to develop an abundance mindset so you can achieve success more easily and quickly.