Correcting Course: Maintaining Progress Toward Your Goals

70 minute mp3 teleseminar recording

Jack Shares Action Steps You Can Take to Update Your Goals So That You Can Maintain Momentum & Motivation

Success Principle 7 is all about the importance of goal setting. Chances are that you achieved some of your goals for last year, while others remain incomplete.

During this information-packed 70-minute call replay, Jack shares suggestions for what you should do to update your goals so that you can continue your momentum moving into the New Year.

Discover ways to identify what kept you from achieving your goals, how to celebrate the progress you made, how to properly structure goals, strategies for keeping your goals front and center in your mind, action steps you can take to maintain momentum and motivation and more.

The answers to these burning questions await you:

  • I was working on my goals and realized that I’ve been working on the same list of goals for years. I’m really discouraged and wondering whether it even makes sense to set goals since I obviously don’t follow through. Do you have any advice?
  • I have set a business revenue goal that looks very feasible on paper. Yet, when it comes time to do the work, it seems like generating the revenue is a struggle. How do I tell if the problem is with my mindset or if I’m simply overestimating how much money I’m capable of generating?
  • I have a hard time keeping my goals in mind when I get busy. What do you recommend doing on a monthly, weekly and/or daily basis to avoid this problem?
  • I have never liked setting goals and I realize it’s because I don’t like making the commitment. I don’t want to look bad if I don’t achieve the goal. Any ideas on how I can work through this?
  • I didn’t achieve any of the big goals on my list this year but I did accomplish some big things this year that were never officially goals. Part of me feels like celebrating, while there’s also a voice in my head that says I’m a failure for not achieving what I said I wanted to do. Do you have any advice for acknowledging that I didn’t make the progress I had hoped, without feeling like a flop?

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