Becoming Unstoppable

70 minute mp3 teleseminar recording

Jack Offers Practical Tips and Strategies for Strengthening Your Determination

To achieve your biggest dreams, your commitments must be bigger than any obstacle, fear, doubt or worry.

To help you cultivate an attitude of relentless determination…so you can achieve your goals and dreams no matter what…Jack offers practical tips and strategies for strengthening your determination.

This 70-minute information-packed call will help you equip yourself to counteract negative self-talk, blast through obstacles, let go of your past and overcome other people’s lack of support.

The answers to these burning questions await you:

  • I’m looking for strategies on how to handle facing opposition to the pursuit of my goals when my partners and team are not on board?
  • I’d love to be living my passion, if I can just figure out what that is. Can you help me with the steps to clearly identify what that is?
  • I have been working hard on getting the law of attraction to work for me. Although I have made progress, I still fight negative self talk daily. What can I do to get over the hump?
  • How many goals are reasonable to work on at the same time and how do you juggle them all?
  • How do you evaluate your progress to make sure you do not have something sabotaging your goals? Are there some Principles that are more important than others?
  • I am working on a big project and really leaping out from my comfort zone. Even though I know this is “on purpose” how can I lose the feeling of “what if this doesn’t work?”
  • How did you stay focused and motivated when you received so many no’s in the beginning of your career?
  • The more I fill myself with the affirmations, gratitude and so on, the more I feel my limiting beliefs swirling up my soul like an inner fight. How can I handle this phase better? What can I do to stick to my goals without becoming a victim of this chaos?

Get your copy of the call now and discover strategies and practical tips for strengthening your determination.