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How To Find Your Soulmate Using the Law of Attraction

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There is something to be said about the power of positive thinking.

The basic definition of the Law of Attraction states: “What you think about, you attract.”

Positive thoughts have the power to transform our lives for the better, especially our love lives. Today I want to share a simple technique that focuses on using the Law of Attraction to find your soulmate.

How to Find Your Soulmate By Focusing On What You Want 

In our romantic relationships, we tend to focus on the things we don’t want in a partner rather than the things we do.

Give deep thought to what you want to create in your life. Consider the relationships in your life and focus on what you do want, not what you don’t.

Get in touch with your inner truth, your authentic dreams, your goals, and your heartfelt desires. Honor these and own them without fear, shame, or inhibition.

Define Your Dreams

Your dreams and desires are not subject to anyone else’s approval.

They are yours and yours alone, but you have to define them to achieve them.

Your dreams and aspirations should serve to ignite the passion within you. This passion will not only inspire you to achieve them, but will also send a positive vibrational frequency out into the world.

Through the Law of Attraction, the universe will respond accordingly.

Learn to Activate The Law of Attraction, Achieve All of Your Goals, and Find Happiness.

Make an “Ideal Relationship” List 

One effective way to activate the Law of Attraction in your love life is to create a dream list of your ideal relationship. Your dream list will be a comprehensive overview of your dreams, goals, and desires. It will represent what you want to be, do, have, and achieve in all areas of your life including relationships. Here are the steps to make an ideal relationship list:

1. Create a T-Chart for Your Ideal Relationship

The first technique is the creation of “T-chart.” This type of chart is a very effective way to identify what you do want in your life by looking at the things you don’t want in a soulmate.

Start by drawing a line down the middle of a sheet of paper. Label the left column “What I don’t want.” and the right column “What I do want.”

For instance, within the relationship category of your life, you may want to focus on a topic such as “My Ideal Romantic Relationship.” Start by writing down what you don’t want in one column. Then in the other column, turn it around into an opposite statement, saying what it is that you do want.

2. Cross Off the “Don’t Want” List  

Begin to fill out your T-chart. If you don’t want a partner who smokes, write that down on the left. Then write the opposite of that on the right side: a partner who lives a healthy lifestyle. If you want a partner who enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle, write that down on the right.

When you have completed your list, go back and cross off the “don’t want” list on the left side of your chart.

From now on, use the right side of each list and stay focused on what you do want in your life. There is no need to give any further attention or energy to the list of what you don’t want.

By the way, the simple act of crossing out what you don’t want is empowering, and it feels good!

Realize What You Want in a Soulmate

Completing this exercise will help activate the Law of Attraction in the relationship area of your life. Completing this also helps you to realize what you want in an ideal partner.

I suggest completing your own “T” chart for the relationships that you want to attract in your life.

Remember to remain focused on what kind of person you do want in your life, rather than on the person you don’t. Once you release your positive thoughts into the universe, you give it the power to transform your dream mate into a soulmate.


Was it easy or was it difficult to construct this dream list? Why? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll be sure to follow up with you.

Learning to harness the power of positive thinking is one of the best ways to take control of your world.

Positive thoughts have a wonderful way of not only shaping our love lives but every aspect of our lives. To fully utilize the Law of Attraction in your life, you have to become a vibrational match with whatever it is you want to attract into your life. This means creating and maintaining an emotional state that matches the one you will experience when you actually get the thing you are focusing on. You can do this by appreciating what you already have, and continually finding more and more things to be grateful for.

I’ve written a short FREE guide to help activate the Law of Attraction in YOUR life.


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dharmala shri
dharmala shri

Dear jack, Before knowing this law of attraction, I had some thoughts on how my soulmate to be, in much scattered way… One day he came, I was so happy n so thankful… I don’t know what happened in this… Today he got married with another.. Though he loved me. But he loves his parents more than me.. He says he wants to compromise his wish for his parents n left me.. Help me jack, what I want do now ? I tried to forget him… Hatred … Result I got more pain… When I again starts to rethink him… Read more »

Neeru Vanderlaan
Neeru Vanderlaan

I would be curious to know the answer to this question, as well!


Don’t do anything. Don’t strain yourself. Just visualise to be with your soulmate, whoever that might be. Go on dates with other people and love yourself. If your ex is your soulmate, he will come back. Otherwise, you’ll find your true soulmate.

dharmala shri
dharmala shri

Thanks daya.. I don’t know whether he will come back r not… Because he got married.. But even if he comes now i m not in a position to accept him… It s because of cheat , i made my father to suffer. He had heart attack. I couldn’t see my father( who s my guide , friend in everything) In ICU n i m the reason for that… Whether that relation s worthy…. S that a true relationship??? I was angered… I scolded him when I m alone… I cried a lot …. Why he did this to me…?… Read more »

Kuldeep Patnaik

It’s hard to come by experienced people about this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks
Very good write-up. I certainly love this website. Thanks!
I have certainly created a site, i.e. to share my past experience and learning with this community. You will find it quite interesting.

Jack Canfield

Thank you Kuldeep!


I was in a series of failed relationships. 3 years back, I decided to find my soulmate. I read some blogs and decided to use the law of attraction. I made a list of qualities that I wanted in my man and started to act as if I’ve already found him. Now I realised that the past relationships led me towards finding a fighter pilot and I did. After 2 years I found a fighter pilot who treated me very nicely but we were not happy together and had to breakup after a year. Its been 5 months. I’m fully… Read more »