Defining Genuine Success

Defining Genuine Success- Jack CanfieldI think genuine success comes from discovering what you love to do and finding a way to do it so that it serves yourself and others at the same time.  Every one of us was born with a set of unique talents and abilities. W have inborn preferences and natural styles that we need to honor. Some of us are natural leaders; others are happier in support roles. Some are natural salespeople; others are born to be creative in the arts. The trick is to pursue your greatest interests. When you discover your true purpose and develop a vehicle through which you cane express it, you will experience a great sense of success. And if you can find a way to make money doing it at the same time, then all the better.

For me, success is having the ability to create the conditions that allow me to do all of the things I love in every area of my life. I have created a staff, colleagues, offices, the infrastructure, the financial resources, and the time I need to pursue my professional interests and make a huge difference in the world. I have created the family structure and the friends I need to enjoy loving and fulfilling relationships. I have created the time and the resources I need to keep my body nourished, healthy, and fit. I have created the resources I need to surround myself with beautiful art, furniture, and music. I have created the resources and contacts I need to travel comfortably to any place in the world that I want to visit. I have the time and the money to pursue any educational and personal development experience that I want to explore.