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Creating “Miracles” with the Rule of Five

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Applying focused attention to seemingly “impossible” goals or dreams can lead to what some people call “miracles.” It certainly seemed to for Andrea Fisher after a terrible automobile accident left her comatose and without the use of her arms and legs.

When Andrea woke from the coma three months later, her husband immediately asked for a divorce. Andrea had been a happy and successful television producer, and now her life was turned upside down. Every neurologist consulted said she was quadriplegic and never going to get any better.

As soon as she understood the reality of her situation, Andrea set a monumental goal—to walk out of the hospital on her own some day.

Within a year Andrea was off the respirator. Within three years she stood up next to her bed. And within seven years she did in fact walk out of that hospital on her own.


Every day Andrea focused on her goal and took specific action steps toward achieving it. She delved into the paperwork and preparations required to allow her a diet of holistic foods in the hospital.

She got regular massages and chiropractic adjustments. Even though she could not feel anything from the neck down, she knew they would be good for her body.

Each day Andrea spent time in prayer and meditation. She expressed gratitude for each breath she took, every beat of her heart, the good things in her life, and the possibilities for her future.

She went to work releasing her feelings of depression, anger, fear, frustration, and other self-defeating emotions that would arise. She also visualized daily, imagining herself working out, lifting weights, walking, riding bike, and all of the other physical activities she loved to do.

When she stood for the first time, Andrea surprised every medical doctor and neurologist. Later in her life she spoke at neurological conferences, and specialists around the world studied her case. They concluded that her walking again was a miracle, because there was nothing that could account for it.

But to Andrea it was no more a miracle than the fact that she could breathe or her heart could beat. She insisted she could explain every single detail of what she did to accomplish her breakthrough.

Imagine what you could do if you applied the same kind of focused attention to your personal goals. Maybe your goal won’t take seven years to accomplish as Andrea’s did; it might take seven months—or just seven weeks.

In my book The Success Principles, I refer to this daily focus as the Rule of Five. In it, I suggest making a list each day of five action steps that will move you closer to your goal. Then check them off as you complete each one.

Be very specific in your actions. If your breakthrough goal is to achieve your ideal weight, one day might look like this:

My five action steps today:

  1. Do morning stretches for 10 minutes.
  2. Walk for 30 minutes.
  3. Prepare a healthy lunch with plenty of green vegetables.
  4. Go grocery shopping right after lunch so that I don’t shop when I am hungry.
  5. Spend 15 minutes visualizing how I will look and feel when I achieve my goal or reading my affirmations.

The cumulative effect of these daily steps can be profound. Small action steps are manageable, and achieving them daily keeps you motivated and your momentum strong.

Whether your goal is to drop 20 pounds, run a marathon, start a business, or write a book, apply the Rule of Five each day and see what “miracles” you create in your life.

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