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My clients often ask, “How can I do what I’m passionate about and still be financially successful?” Before I answer that question, let’s see what some individuals are thinking. Some say, “My passion for music will never be fruitful …” Others may think, “Money doesn’t buy happiness…” These statements may not be necessarily untrue, however, most often than not, they are the result of early childhood programming.

The truth is that being financially healthy is an essential part of a well-balanced life. Whether you’d like to save money for a dream vacation, create or expand your business, buy your first home, or simply have peace of mind; you need to take specific steps to assess, diagnose, and cure your financial health.

Start by following my Success Principles to improve your financial health:

Shift Your Financial Thinking
Take the time to meditate and reflect on the limiting thoughts and beliefs that you have about money. You may experience fear, hopelessness, shame, or even guilt. What are the attitudes that are holding you back? Once you have identified the root of your early programming, it’s time to let go. A very effective technique I teach is to fully experience the negative feeling, confront it, release it and finally, replace it with a powerful affirmation that will drive your everyday actions and will motivate you to keep striving forward. It is also very helpful to visualize your dream life with a vision board featuring images of what your life will look like when you create financial success.

Evaluate the Condition of Your Financial Health
Make a complete and honest assessment of your current financial situation. Just as your physical health is critical, your financial health is also vital in many aspects if not for the fact of simply giving you peace of mind! Take the time to identify where you are now, and where you want to be. If you’re at the beginning stages, maybe you’d like to learn how to set and keep a budget. Or you might have already established your net-worth by now, and perhaps you need additional resources to assess your business’s financial statements. It’s crucial to have clarity about the condition of your financial health.

Get Your Cash Flow Under Control
We are creatures of habit; you’ll need to make the conscious decision that you will change whatever is necessary in order to achieve your next goal. Focus on the relationship between money and you. This might mean adopting a debt reduction plan, establishing a family savings plan, or figuring out the next steps to reduce your expenses and increase your cash flow.

Create Your Success Strategy
This is possibly the most important step of the process to create financial success. You have determined the “why”, the “what”, and the “when”, now you have to determine the “How”.  Establish a step-by-step plan to reach your immediate goals. What is the next step? How long will it take until it’s completed? How will you monitor your progress? Do you need to seek additional resources to help you?  When will you start? Don’t worry about getting it “perfect” the first time, it’s an ongoing process and you will undoubtedly make adjustments as you move along.

Adopt a Mindset of Service
No matter what your goal is, if you drive your results with an attitude of service, you will absolutely receive success. Ask yourself the following: How can you help others? How can your product help others? Could you volunteer your time and help a great cause? What principles are you teaching your children? What will your legacy be? In order to receive you must first give. The rewards of making others happy and acting from a place of service will complete your journey towards creating good and sound financial health.

Take the time to follow my Success Principles so your financial health is always thriving.

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