Canadian soldier: How the Success Principles helped me overcome my mental illness

blog-CanadianSoldierCanadian soldier: How the Success Principles helped me overcome my mental illness

One of the best parts of my job is reading letters sent to me by people who want to let me know how the Success Principles have changed their lives.

I recently received such a letter from Lex Stockdale, a graduate from my popular Train the Trainer program. Lex was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces when she developed a mental illness called depersonalization/derealization disorder.

This is how she describes her experience:

“At that time I was not allowed to be left alone. I would often forget who I was, where I was and what was going on. I would have no memories for long stretches of time. And it was unclear if I would ever return to normal.

This put me in a bad way as I felt completely helpless and dependent on those nearby. I lived in constant fear of being locked in isolation again. By no means was I a danger to myself or anyone, but nobody really understood what was going on and nobody wanted to understand either. I was shunned as an outcast and a burden by those who I thought were friends. My family pretended nothing was wrong or that I was just faking it. I was at the lowest point in my life.”

Then she discovered my book, The Success Principles, and her life changed. As she read through the book, she started to apply the principles to her life and saw improvements right away:

lex-stockdale“Noticeable positive changes occurred. This condition I have no longer controlled me. With the help of the principles and my doctors I started to get better at an alarming rate. I started to take responsibility of myself, figure out what I wanted to do, and remove the toxic people.

Now I’m building the life I want to live and filling it with all the people and things that bring me joy. My doctors now believe that I will be normal in a few years. And there is no doubt in my mind that that is due to The Success Principles.”

Lex was so moved by the impact the Success Principles have had on her life that she decided to become certified to teach them to others. That’s when she enrolled in my Train the Trainer program.

“Now I’m able to share the principles with others and help them experience those wonderful ‘a-ha’ moments, too,” she writes.

Not only that – but by incorporating the Success Principles so deeply into her life, she has also managed to overcome the crippling fears brought on by her mental illness.

“Two years ago I never would have thought it possible but now I’m not afraid of anything. Sure fear pops up every now and then but I recognize it for what it is: a tool to help me.”

Lex says that the greatest insight she has gained from studying the Success Principles and learning how to share them with others is that it’s all about “taking ownership of your life.”

“You are your own biggest roadblock and once you stop getting in your own way, anything and everything is possible. Fear, like any emotion, is just a tool to help you protect you. You are in control, so take control and stop being passive.”

I’m so proud of Lex for taking charge of her life and healing process in the way that she has. Her courage and desire to help others is humbling, and I’m thrilled that she has become certified to share the Success Principles with others! She is a bright light in the Canfield Community and I know she will continue to achieve great things in her life.

If you know anyone who is suffering and not living a life of deep joy and abundance, please tell them about The Success Principles – it could be the solution they’ve been searching for.

And if you have ever felt called to share the Success Principles with others, please check out Train the Trainer Live or my new self-directed Train the Trainer Online program – and learn how you can help others while achieving something remarkable with your life!