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3 Big Reasons to Join Me for One Day to Greatness

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Every single person is born with the potential for greatness.

But sadly, most of us go through our entire lives without ever recognizing our own potential or achieving anything close to greatness.

We stay in jobs we hate because leaving a “sure thing” to go after a more exciting opportunity seems too risky. We fritter our time away arguing with people on social media instead of writing the books we’ve always longed to write. We stay in relationships that don’t fulfill us… say “no” to anything that will push us out of our comfort zone… and avoid exploring the most important question of our lives:

“What do I truly, passionately, deeply desire to DO?”

I don’t want you to get stuck in this kind of rut – always settling for “good enough”

instead of unleashing the greatness inside of you and creating a life of deeper joy purpose, and fulfillment.

Because the world needs more great people – now more than ever.

When more people are achieving their dreams and showing up in the world in a more inspiring and impactful way, they motivate the people around them to do the same – to aim higher, get better results, and experiencing more happiness and meaning in what they do.

… And that means a better world for everyone!


Only you can answer this.

  •   What kind of life do you want to live?
  •   How do you want to spend your time?
  •   Who and what do you want to surround yourself with?
  •   What kind of purpose and meaning do you want your life to have?
  •   At the end of the day, what do you want to be able to look back on and say, “I’m so happy and grateful I did that!”?

These are big questions… probably the most important you’ll ever ask yourself. But when you get clear on the answers and then take action to create a life that fulfills your vision, that is what greatness is all about!

The good news is, you don’t have to find the answers by yourself.

I have made it my life’s purpose to help others discover their own potential for greatness and create lives that fill them with joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

That’s why I created One Day to Greatness – so I could help as many people as possible unlock their full potential and gain the clarity they need to make their dreams a reality – in a single, life-changing day.

And I would love to do the same for you!


Here are 3 great reasons why you should do whatever it takes to join me at One Day to Greatness:

1. You’ll discover what you’re capable of

It’s more than you think – guaranteed. And once you fully comprehend your own  potential for greatness, you will feel compelled to develop that potential and use it to achieve incredible things in your life.

2. You’ll gain clarity on your purpose

You were put here for a reason. Don’t you think it’s time to discover what it is?

3. You’ll leave inspired, energized, and motivated to make your dreams a reality.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels or heading off in too many directions at once.

In just one unforgettable day with me, you will gain valuable new insight, let go of old habits that no longer serve you, and leave empowered to reach a level of personal and professional success greater than anything you have ever experienced.

And this year I’m bringing this intensive one-day workshop to four brand-new cities across the country. So if you’ve never had the chance to experience this event because it’s always been too far away, maybe this fall is your time to finally make it happen!

Discover which cities I’ll be visiting here.


My One Day to Greatness tour is one of the best experiences of my year.

I love visiting new cities and meeting new friends and old…

… and looking into the audience and seeing face after face light up as they experience powerful a-ha’s and truth about themselves.

It’s amazing to see them experience one big epiphany after another…

… and finish the day energized to show up in the world in a different way – and do what it takes to make their dreams a reality.

(Plus there are always so many great hugs!)

Click here to see if I’m coming to a city near you.

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