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2012: End of the World or New Beginning?

I enjoyed this blog post written by my Golden Motorcycle Gang co-author, Bill Gladstone and I wanted to share it with all of you.  Looking ahead into a new year it is important to remember to stay positive, have faith, act on the advice of your intuition, and remember…weʻre all in this together.   -Jack

2012: End of the World or New Beginning

By Bill Gladstone

On December 21,2012 the Mayan calendar ends. Some believe that there will be an apocalyptic event, floods, change of the magnetic poles, earthquakes, mass destruction of life on planet earth, a literal end of the world. As a Harvard University-trained anthropologist, author and expert on  2012 , I can assure you that such apocalyptic predictions are neither based in fact nor even suggested by the Mayans themselves. I have studied the Mayan calendar, met with Mayan elders, travelled to Izapa outside the city of Tapachula in Chiapas in Southern Mexico where the oldest depictions of the actual  Mayan calendar were found and there is no credible evidence suggesting that the world will end on December 21,2012.
The Mayan calendar will in fact end on December 21,2012  and there will be some galactic events that are quite amazing. However, these galactic  “line-ups” do not portend the end of the world and the Mayans themselves do not believe that they do either. The Mayan do believe however that December 21,2012 marks the end of a 26,000-year cycle. Interestingly scientists have recently observed that the wobble in the rotation of the axis of planet earth itself operates on a 26,000-year cycle as well. This is called precession and implies that the earth literally comes “full circle” only once every  26,000 years. Is this just an extraordinary synchronicity or is there some hidden meaning in this mathematically unlikely ‘coincidence’?
Jack Canfield, Barbara Marx Hubbard and I when writing the Golden Motorcycle Gang discussed this  26,000 year cycle and  came to the conclusion that it is not a coincidence at all but a  sign that the Mayans somehow knew about  the 26,000 year cycle  in the  earth’s orbit and that they  created their calendars with this knowledge with  a focused intent to draw attention to the opportunities that such  completion represents. Based on the research I have carried out throughout the world with many cultures  ranging from Hindus to Tibetans,  Pacific islanders, Amazonian  and North American tribal peoples and  with other experts including scientists such as   Nassim Haramein and Dr. Ervin Laszlo, it is clear to me that  both anecdotal and scientific evidence exists  that there will – in fact – be a ‘vibrational change” on planet earth commencing on December 22,2012. I have described what this change might look like in my previous novel THE TWELVE.
 This vibrational change will be quite mild and undetectable by most people. In fact, this vibrational change is already occurring and December  21/22, 2012 just marks the mathematical peak of this change not its observable impact.  Think of the second before the sun sets and the second after the sun sets. To the human eye those two seconds are for most people indistinguishable. The sunset happens and we just observe it as “having happened” not necessarily noting the exact second it happens. So too with the end of this  26,000-year cycle. From the perspective of human perception, a year in a  26,000-year cycle is not much more than three seconds in a  24-hour cycle. Our powers of observation are not acute enough to pinpoint that exact moment of change. Nor do they need to be.
What is important is that the true ancient prophecies from many cultures, not just the Mayan, predict that a new cycle  is starting , a cycle which will encourage each human being to recognize that each and every one of us is both a spiritual being as well as a human being and that collectively we need to focus on the values of compassion, love and  sharing and less on the materialistic values  of  accumulation and ego gratification which have characterized much of world culture over the last 26,000 years. This  “transformational moment “ is already upon us and  Jack Canfield’s  and my goal in writing THE GOLDEN MOTORCYCLE GANG  is to share with you this good news and to invite you to join the golden motorcycle gang in welcoming in this  “ new transformational moment” for the benefit of all human beings.

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