The Secret to True Happiness

The Secret of True HappinessI believe there are several secrets to true happiness. The first is to truly love and accept yourself just the way you are. Most of us have to relearn how to do that. Teaching people how to develop self-esteem has been a huge focus of my work. The next step is to trust yourself: trust your feelings; trust your preferences; trust your intuition. Finally, you have to learn to trust the universe and to have faith that everything is unfolding as it should.

Another major key to happiness is learning to take 100 percent responsibility for everything that happens in your life. That means giving up all blaming and complaining about how the world is. It’s coming to grips with the idea that you are indeed the one who is creating your reality by the thoughts you think, the images you hold in your mind, the feelings you feel, the choices you make and the actions you do or don’t take. Once you truly get this, you can begin to create the life you want through intentionally using the power of your mind.

Along these same lines, we have to be willing to let go of our judgments about how other people should be. Most of our pain comes from trying to control things we have no control over and from believing that other people and conditions should be different than they are. When you give up judging and trying to control others, and focus instead on creating what you want for yourself, you find an inner peace from which you can more effortlessly create your life as you’d like it to be.