Did you hear? New Tele-Strategy Session!


I hope you’re having a successful week!

I’ve just returned from another two-day, intensive strategy session with the 28 members of my Platinum Inner Circle coaching group at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. Here I am with Platinum member Joe Caltabellotta during our groups Cosmic Bowling night at the hotel’s luxury lanes.

This very special group has inspired me beyond belief! They’re exceeding revenue goals, launching new charities and creating large-scale partnerships.

A few even mentioned how much more they thought they could have achieved, if only they had ‘applied’ my success principles more ambitiously!

To be honest with you, they inspired a whopper of an “a-ha” moment for me. This got me thinking about the true change in mindset that occurs when students attend my Breakthrough to Success training coming up this August.

As a result of my basic training, these students continually overcome the daily barriers that hold others back from achieving on a massive scale.

Now, I’m inviting you to discover what might be holding YOU back, during a BRAND-NEW (and eye-opening) teleseminar I’m hosting on May 20th.

On this FREE 60-minute call, I’ll reveal:

  • The 3 Stages of Success and how to identify where you are
  • The 4 top reasons why you’re not achieving the success your desire (and what you should be doing about it)
  • How to solve a difficult or troubling situation in your life (I’ll walk you through an exercise during the call that will have you creating a solution on the spot!)
  • Areas of your life where a breakthrough is likely to occur (and how to identify it)
  • The #1 principle that can give you complete control over your life (and where most people fall short)

PLUS you’ll hear FULL DETAILS about the Breakthrough to Success training I’m hosting this August that will have an instant and profound effect on your life (if you’re ready)…

Learn more and reserve your spot now

HAVE YOU MASTERED THE EARNING GAME? The way some people tell it, you’d better forget about attracting wealth in today’s economy. Don’t believe them for one second!

Today’s article offers practical tips for creating intention, inspiring action, and creating growth. Use these ideas to attract wealth in a natural way, free from struggle and fear.

To your success,

Jack Canfield
CEO, The Canfield Training Group

P.S. A BIG congratulations to Eithne Bowe from Paradise Island, Bahamas, who won the drawing at our recent Success Principles Workshops, to work one-on-one with a Canfield Personal Coach who will give her the motivation, guidance, and accountability she needs to achieve her goals.